E-cigarette reviews of SmokeStik

If you’re reading this, you probably just heard about an e cigarette for the first time and are looking for e cigarette reviews. I was in the same boat. And I know you’re probably, like I used to be, a totally hooked cigarette smoker. For 14 years, ever since I learned to smoke for a college play, I smoked up a storm.

I know I don’t have to tell you about the pleasures of smoking. Hell, if it weren’t pleasurable, people wouldn’t do it, would they? I don’t have to go on and on about the great aroma, the satisfying taste, the great feeling of a cigarette after a meal.

I also know I don’t have to tell you about the dangers – the very serious and often deadly health risks. The obnoxious odors. The inconvenience of smoking in this day and age. The expense. And maybe above all, the incredible guilt we feel because we feel too weak to give up all that enjoyment even though every atom in our being tells us we ought to.

I did it, with an e cigarette
After 14 years I was up to two packs a day or more. And I was one of the sloppy smokers – the ones who let ‘em burn in ashtrays without snuffing them out, the ones who burn holes in sweaters without realizing it.

But I kicked the habit – because of SmokeStik, the electronic cigarette.
I didn’t even know this e cigarette thing existed until a friend told me about it. This amazing product allows me to indulge my craving – my “oral fixation,” as doctors call it – with a device that uses treated, aromatic water vapor. Smoke Assist is tobacco-free, tar-free, and virtually smoke free. It gives you the taste of a cigarette without leaving the smell on your clothes. In most localities, you may use SmokeStik in public without breaking the law. It should also be noted that I looked up multiple e cigarette reviews, I didn’t just jump right on SmokeStik. These guys have a reputation for having the most realistic taste and effect which is what mattered to me because I needed all the help I could get. My research paid off because this is one strong e cigarette. It really fooled my brain into thinking I was smoking a cigarette.

There are more than 4,000 chemicals and products that are known carcinogens in cigarettes. And none of them are present in Smoke Assist. I wasn’t surprised to learn that studies already suggest that e-cigarettes significantly reduce the ingestion of carcinogenic substances, and thus reduce health risks associated with cigarette smoking.

How Does SmokeStik Work
There are two pieces, a “cartomizer” into which the flavor container “Filterette” is inserted, and the micro-computer control circuit battery.

The Filterettes offer the great tobacco taste without tar, and each one is good for 150 mouthfuls of smoke. The lithium battery is USB rechargeable (charger included).

It’s all enclosed in an elegant stainless steel shell that really does look and feel like a real cigarette.

The smoke emitted from the e cigarette looks like the real thing, but it’s just safe water vapor. No secondhand smoke risks for you, family, or passers-by with SmokeStik. Because the nicotine is not being burned, you significantly reduce the amount of tar and other dangerous substances drawn into your lungs.

e cigarette reviewsSmokeStik: A Gateway to Being Truly Smoke-Free
I had tried patches, hypnosis, self-help groups, and cold turkey. But only when I started to use SmokeStik did my cigarette cravings start to disappear.

Six months later, I was an ex-smoker. I occasionally turn on the SmokeStik to get a hit of the taste, but I won’t need to soon. I can already feel healthier – have more energy and stamina. I enjoy life more.

But I won’t throw away my SmokeStik. It’s always there at the top of my closet. If I fall back, it’ll be there to help me. But if I don’t – and I don’t expect to – I’ll leave it there as a constant, proud reminder of the most difficult and most rewarding thing I ever did – quitting smoking with SmokeStik.

It comes with a 30 day guarantee. There’s absolutely no risk.