Did ZQuiet Get Me Off The Couch?


Snoring is a problem that I have had to deal with since childhood. Being an overweight teen, doctors urged me to lose some weight as it is linked to sleep problems among other things. I lost all the extra flab by rigorous diet and exercise. Unfortunately, that did not help my snoring. I have learned to cope and sleep on my side just to keep my airway free from blockage. The problem seemed to get worse as I aged and sometimes I would wake up to the sound of my snores. It has gotten so bad that I began to wait for my husband to sleep before I hit the sheets.

Dentist Offers Hope

I visited a dentist recently and we started talking about my problem. She recommended the use of a mouthguard that would slightly push my lower jaw forward to prevent airway blockage. She told me about Zquiet and advised me to give it a try. I was unsure it would work because I had tried different mouthguards in the past and none improved my condition. Then she told me that it was designed by a dental sleep specialist and had “Living Hinge” technology for fluid movement. Plus, this one has FDA approval. That is something that I consider very important. The Food and Drug Association requires stringent testing procedures to ensure safety. If a product does not have the FDA seal of approval, it is usually unsafe.

I went to the Zquiet website and looked at their FAQ page right after I placed my order. I read that I was supposed to expect results the first time I used it.

zquiet reviewsWhen the package came, I was excited to give it a try. True enough, no set up was necessary. The Zquiet device goes right out of the box and into your mouth. It felt comfortable as it is made out of a nice rubbery material called a thermoplastic elastomer that allows the mouth to move freely. It also does not contain latex which can cause irritation or BPA (Bisphenol A) which can cause severe medical problems.

The First Night

I wore it to sleep and had the best night’s sleep ever. I have never felt more rested and refreshed. True enough, the Zquiet does live up to the hype. I can sleep next to my husband without waking him up with the infernal racket my snoring makes. It is so comfortable that I can even talk and drink without having to take it off. The Zquiet allows be to sleep fitfully because you are able to breathe with your mouth and nose. It is important to note that any device that restricts breathing through both could be dangerous. It took me a few hours to get used to it. I wore it around the house before I went to sleep to allow my mouth to get accustomed to it.

I have been using my Zquiet for two months and my life has changed. No longer do I feel tired and irritable midday! My friends have noticed the difference as well. They say I do not look tired and haggard like I used to. I also seem to be able to handle stress better and seem less anxious. I do not wake up in a cold sweat at dawn because I am now able to breathe properly.

Care & Maintenance

To keep it in good condition,I clean it with warm water and mild dish soap. You have to make sure that you brush it after use to keep bacteria away. Also, it would be best if you didn’t use any toothpaste which contains abrasive particles that can roughen the smooth surface of the device and cause irritation.

I Feel Great!

Since I have used the device, people have noticed a change in me. They always ask me what my secret is. I make it a point to recommend it to my friends who have the same problem. If it works on a hopeless case like me, it should do wonders for them, as well. No strips, sprays or surgery is necessary. All you have to do is take it out of the box and wear it to sleep.

A good night’s sleep was a luxury that I was deprived of in the past. With my Zquiet by my side, I can doze off comfortably without any worries. I am so grateful for this device. I slumber restfully throughout the night without a care in the world thanks to Zquiet. It definitely lives up to its reputation.